1.7 Degrees of Separation



The Six Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon has been a fun game and an allure at parties, group events and online for many years. In The Wisdom Age (even going back to the Technology Age) the speed of the world is such that if it isn’t real time, it’s considered a bit slow and out of touch. We’ve discovered, using this amazing technology and the principles of The Wisdom Age, that the Six Degrees of Separation has now become 1.7 Degrees of Separation.

As I ask questions and ask for help and offer support to others, I have access to that many more people that much more quickly and that much more familiar with who they are in The Wisdom Age.

The human being is the one, most important aspect of the game of 1.7 Degrees of Separation… We as people are using the Technology Age to bring the human back into the world.