I Am...



As I'm stating it to myself and I hear it in my ears, in my ego, in my gut, in my soul, it is true, even if just in that moment. When I say “I Am” a good father, then I am not only speaking and thinking, “I Am” believing it and knowing it. When I am aware that I am not in a space that is in that “I Am” clarity; for instance I am saying things like “I want to,” “I wish,” “When” and “If only,” then I am not only speaking, I am thinking and believing and knowing. Understanding this, I make choices as I am seeing things and taking action and I can make choices to continue to be that “I Am.”  Then by practicing that, “I Am” that in my life, actions and relationships, more and more and a majority of the time.

I Am an Authentic Thought Leader in The Wisdom Age.

I Am worthy of fulfilling my dreams.

I Am a great dad.

I Am trustworthy.